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Our purpose is to build on, and harness experimental medicine expertise in individual long-term conditions, to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ageing syndromes such as sarcopenia, frailty and multimorbidity.

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  • Randomised controlled trials in older people: the future for translational ageing research

    Event date: Wednesday 30 August 2017 We will welcome Dr Miles Witham, University of Dundee for the NIHR Newcastle BRC Campus for Ageing and Vitality Seminar hosted by Professor Avan Sayer.
  • Ageing Well: Falls course begins

    Event date: Monday 4 September 2017 The Ageing Well: Falls course is a free, online course aimed at the public. It is ideal if you feel at risk of falling, or if you care for someone who is afraid they may fall.
  • Cambridge Neuroscience Symposium

    Event date: Thursday 7 September 2017 Technological developments have enabled us to study neural networks and circuits at unprecedented level of detail. At the same time, network science has come of age to be able to analyse these new data. Together, great new insights into brain function and dysfunction have emerged. Hosted by Cambridge Neuroscience IRC, this symposium aims to bring together experts in these fields of neuroscience and take us to the forefront of our current understanding of modern brain science.
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