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Withdraw from the BioResource

Thank you for your support to date. We hope you have enjoyed the experience and we appreciate your time and commitment to our research studies.

Please send us an email with ‘withdraw from BioResource‘ in the subject line.

Include your full name and year of birth in the email.

You can also telephone us on 0191 208 5001.

You can withdraw from the BioResource at any time and without giving any reasons.

If you choose to withdraw we will ask you to say whether you would like us to destroy the samples and/or unlink the data you have donated.

After this, we will not contact you again for BioResource-related studies.


If you choose to have your samples destroyed, we can only destroy samples that are stored and not those that have already been tested. We cannot recall samples that we have already sent for testing but we will not add any new data from them to our research database. Samples are not linked to personal identifiable information.


If you withdraw, only a skeleton record of your information will be kept, along with your consent form. This will only be visible to a very few individuals who need to keep this information for audit purposes. We will not destroy any data that we have archived but this data is not linked to your personally-identifiable information.

Future contact

Once we have received confirmation of your decision to withdraw we will not contact you again. If the BioResource is unable to confirm your decision about sample(s) and data, we will keep these securely, but we will not contact you again.