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Acknowledging the NIHR Newcastle BRC

It is a contractual requirement to  use correct acknowledgement for any outputs produced from NIHR-funded research. This includes publications, press releases, websites, presentations, posters and participant materials.

All materials produced for the public must:

  • Use the new NIHR identity
  • Correctly acknowledge the NIHR

Why acknowledge the NIHR Newcastle BRC?

The NIHR monitors and measures our performance from outputs, so anything that has not been acknowledge will not be counted. Future funding for the Newcastle BRC and other NIHR awards to the partnership (between Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University) therefore depend on our acknowledge performance.

In addition, acknowledgements and bibliometric data are used by the Department of Health and Social Care to justify future budgets for health research funding. By acknowledging your funding correctly, you are helping to ensure that clinical research projects and infrastructure will be supported in the future.

You may also find the following downloads helpful:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need further advice, please contact:

What kind of materials need to be acknowledged?

The following outputs require acknowledgement if they are funded or supported by the NIHR Newcastle BRC:

  • Press releases
  • Newsletter content
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Academic posters
  • Participant materials
  • Films
  • Events

Find out how to do this with our helpful guide

The NIHR brand guidelines