Thursday 16 February 2017

Free, online dementia care course for the public

A course to help you connect and care for someone living with dementia will begin on 27th March 2017.

The course has been designed for carers, families and those working in roles where dementia care and support is key. Over three weeks (starting 27th March), you will meet other carers and academic experts. Together we will share strategies, practical steps and insights towards new innovations that can improve communication – something which is crucially important for building and maintaining relationships, and for effectively negotiating daily life.

It takes the latest research into dementia from Newcastle University and applies this to everyday care settings and challenges faced by those living with and caring for people with dementia. The focus is on the everyday experiences that we see as particularly challenging or stressful.

The course requires no formal medical training, and can therefore be completed by anyone who wishes to learn more about dementia, the challenges, and the ways to overcome some of these challenges with improved communication and understanding.

At the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre, dementia is a key area of research. Our aim is to gain an improved understanding of dementia for a earlier and more accurate diagnosis; understanding more about the course of dementia and potential modifiers, as well as understanding more about the characteristics of dementia over time and what potential therapies may help individuals.

Translating our scientific discoveries into direct patient and public benefit is a key goal for the Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre and with courses like Dementia Care: Staying Connected and Living Well, designed for the public, we can ensure our knowledge is helping everyone whose life is affected by dementia.

The course will start on 27th March 2017, sign up here Dementia Care: Staying Connected and Living Well