Friday 12 January 2018

Newcastle’s NIHR Medtech and In vitro diagnostics Co-operative site announced

The NIHR MICs, launched on 1 January 2018, have the remit of building expertise and capacity in the NHS to develop new medical technologies.

The NIHR Medtech and In vitro diagnostic Co-operatives (MICs) replace the NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operatives (HTCs) and NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives (DECs), incorporating and retaining the remits of both.

They will provide evidence on commercially-supplied in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests. Leading NHS organisations act as centres of expertise, bringing together patients, clinicians, researchers, commissioners and industry. More than £14 million over 5 years has been awarded across 11 NIHR MICs, of which Newcastle is one, receiving £1.25m over five years.

The NIHR Newcastle IVD Co-operative has been awarded to Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust working in collaboration with Newcastle University. It will be led by Professor John Simpson and will work closely with the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), which focuses on translational research in ageing and long-term conditions.

The ten other centres awarded in 2018 are:

  • NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (NIHR London IVD Co-operative)
  • NIHR Leeds In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (NIHR Leeds IVD Co-operative)
  • NIHR Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (NIHR Newcastle IVD Co-operative)
  • NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative
  • NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Co-operative
  • NIHR Cardiovascular MedTech Co-operative
  • NIHR Devices for Dignity MedTech Co-operative (NIHR D4D MedTech Co-operative)
  • NIHR Mental Health MedTech Co-operative (NIHR MindTech MedTech Co-operative)
  • NIHR Trauma Management MedTech Co-operative (NIHR Trauma MedTech Co-operative)
  • NIHR Children and Young People MedTech Co-operative (NIHR CYP MedTech Co-operative)
  • NIHR Community Healthcare MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (NIHR Community Healthcare MedTech and IVD Co-operative)