Friday 29 March 2019

NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre 2nd Annual Academic Geriatric Medicine Workshop: Spotlight on Academic Trainees

The NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) held its 2nd Annual Academic Geriatric Medicine Workshop where the spotlight was on Academic Trainees showcasing research from across the UK. Avan Aihie Sayer, Professor of Geriatric Medicine and Director of the NIHR Newcastle BRC introduced the event and then handed over to four of the academic trainees to present their exciting research projects:

Dr Carly Welch, University of Birmingham- Understanding acute sarcopenia: identifying mechanisms towards intervention

Dr Natalie Cox, NIHR Southampton BRC-  The anorexia of ageing: exploring links with physical activity and the gut microbiome

Dr Joanne Taylor, University of Manchester – The PATTErn study: A study of Physical Activity paTTerns and major health Events in older people with implantable cardiac devices

Dr Richard Dodds, NIHR Newcastle BRC –   Mitochondrial respiratory chain function and content are preserved in the skeletal muscle of active very old men and women

Professor David Jones, Dean of the NIHR Academy, provided an update on opportunities for clinical academics at different stages of their career. Attendees were then given an opportunity to attend breakout sessions with Professor Jones, NIHR Newcastle BRC Scientific Director Professor John Simpson and Professor John Gladman who gave advice on what panels are looking for if applying for fellowships with funders such as NIHR, the MRC and the Dunhill Medical Trust.

This was followed by a presentation from Dr Carly Welch and Dr Sarah Richardson  on the Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative (GeMRC) which is a trainee-led research network, and an update on the National Sarcopenia Registry Pilot by Professor Miles Witham.

The stimulating and enjoyable day finished with a plenary discussion of potential collaborative initiatives for the UK academic geriatric medicine community in the year ahead. We look forward to coming back together in 2020!