Monday 7 November 2016

Patient Month begins with ageing event

An ageing event designed for the public, started the series of events hosted by Newcastle Academic Health Partners as part of November's Patient Month

Patient Month is a series of events throughout November, aimed at informing members of the public and patients about the research activities that are taking place within Newcastle University and the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Colleagues working across both organisations as part of the Newcastle Academic Health Partners umbrella, have organised their own events that have all been designed to involve active participation from the public.

The first event, ‘Ageing Well in Newcastle: a celebration of a research active city’, was a huge hit with the audience. The event gave an overview of what research outcomes had come from several of the most significant ageing research studies throughout Newcastle upon Tyne.

Professor Carol Jagger (pictured) from the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing welcomed the audience and followed with a summary of what ageing research means to Newcastle. Professor Carol Jagger Presentation (PDF 525 KB)

Dr Rachel Duncan then spoke about the findings of the Newcastle 85+ study – what they have learned 10 years on. Dr Rachel Duncan Presentation

Following this, Professor Mark Pearce gave a background to the Thousand Families Study, after which he gave some detailed findings from a recent project undertaken as part of this study group.

Professor Fiona Matthews then discussed how ageing has changed, delivering information on methods and results from the Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies (CFAS) cohort.

Finally, Dr Lynne Corner, Director of Engagement addressed the audience on the importance of public involvement in academic research, explaining that the success of the studies mentioned throughout this event would not have been possible without the participation of the study members.

At the event, we were also joined by colleagues from the Clinical Ageing Research Unit, the Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource, Voice North and the NIHR Newcastle Bioresource.

Director of the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing, Professor Louise Robinson commented: “We are delighted to have launched Patient Month with such a hugely successful event which celebrated the public’s involvement in research.

“The purpose of Patient Month overall is to recognise why we’re working hard to discover more and more about how we can positively change the lives of the public and our patients. Our ‘Ageing Well’ event was a fantastic way to set the tone for the rest of the month.”

See here for other events taking place throughout November.