BioResource for Researchers

The NIHR BioResource was established to further clinical research within the UK by assisting researchers with volunteer recruitment specifically by genotype and/or phenotype. Researchers can apply to the NIHR BioResource if they are interested in recalling volunteers from the panel.

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Why is the NIHR BioResource approach to volunteer selection so successful?

Advertising for volunteers using posters or through clinics means that studies can only target volunteers based on criteria such as age, gender and ethnicity.

Researchers would need to recruit very large numbers to find enough volunteers with a particular genetic make-up of interest. For example, a study into common genetic variation that occurs in 1 in 10 people would have to recruit 500 volunteers to find 50 with the genetic variation of interest. This would result in a costly and lengthy recruitment process, which would impact on the feasibility of the study.

At the NIHR BioResource, we screen the DNA samples in advance of volunteer selection for the particular gene (or genes) of interest. Only those volunteers who have the genetic variation of interest are invited to the study. This means valuable functional research into the causes of many diseases, that would have proven too costly or time-consuming, is now possible.

Application process

If you would like the NIHR BioResource Centre Newcastle to support your study please contact us to discuss your application. This can help, as we can check feasibility, or assist in necessary changes to your study ethics, before you submit a full application.

Applications undergo feasibility checks, before going to the Steering Committee for review. Please allow 1 month from the date of submission to receive feedback.

If your application to the Steering Committee is successful we will send you a Study Summary Template and Confirmation of Conduct form. Volunteer recruitment cannot begin until these forms have been completed.

Please be aware that we may ask you to amend your study paperwork, including Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form, to ensure that it complies with our Protocol and standards.

If you have any questions about the application process or need advice or help with amending study paperwork please contact us.

Already have a patient cohort?