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Why get involved in research?

People have different reasons for getting involved in health research. Some people are already patients with a health problem and want to help to find a solution. Some are carers of someone with a health condition and want to help find solutions to their loved ones health condition. You may have no health problems, but really want to help improve healthcare for people today and in the future.

Health research helps improve the overall health of the public.

The more research that takes place, the more we understand. We can use this knowledge to improve health and social care for everyone.

Getting involved in research may not help you personally but there is now good evidence that research-active hospitals (i.e. hospitals where research is happening) provide better care for patients. For example, a study has found that bowel cancer patients have better outcomes in research-active hospitals. Even patients who were not involved in the research studies benefited. The research showed that these research-active hospitals:


  • had fewer deaths after surgery; and
  • the number of patients living for at least five years after treatment increased

But don’t just take our word for it. Visit this page to see news items summarising how we have worked with people to carry out research.

Below are some of the people who are, or have been involved in NIHR Newcastle BRC research.

Irene Soulsby talks about why she became involved in research and what benefits have come from this

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