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Magnetic Resonance Centre

The Magnetic Resonance Centre operates in conjunction with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for all clinical research work.

With more than 900m2 of research space, the Centre is equipped with two high field strength magnetic resonance scanners and full facilities throughout for clinical MR research and associated technical developments. It has been designed around the needs and comfort of research volunteers.

Our Philips scanners have the following specifications:

  • 3 Tesla Intera Achieva MRI systems
  • Quasar Dual Gradients (with SofTone noise reduction) 80mT/m, 200T/m/s slew rat
  • 6 reciever channel RF system
  • 2nd (broadband) transmit channel providing multi-nuclear capability
  • Full range of head, body and peripheral coils for MRI, and
  • Range of surface coils for 31P and 13C measurement

Patient monitoring

We have vital sign monitoring equipment as part of the scanner. There are waveguides for infusion lines from the console area and a covered floor channel for safe passage of infusion lines to the magnet end.

Our functional MRI facilities include: a visual display system (via external data projection); auditory presentation system; subject feedback system (response boxes); e-prime software environments for fMRI task development; and an eye tracker.

We have two study rooms and one screening/interview room. The study rooms are fully equipped for venepuncture, blood glucose monitoring, infusion studies, indirect calorimetry, blood pressure and electrocardiogram monitoring.

Visit the Magnetic Resonance Centre website to find out more.