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Gait analysis as a supportive marker for diagnosing different types of dementia

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Gait – the way we walk – starts slowing approximately 12 years before dementia diagnosis, suggesting that it reflects underlying changes in the brain and could indicate cognitive impairment.


Meet the Researcher: Professor Lynn Rochester

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In our eighth Meet the Researcher, we meet Lynn Rochester, Professor of Human Movement Science at Newcastle University. She started her career as a physiotherapist, joining the academic world…

Whole genome sequencing improves diagnosis of rare diseases

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A world-first scientific study has shown that whole genome sequencing can uncover new diagnoses for people across a variety of rare diseases and may deliver enormous benefits to the…

Health Data Platform – Bringing together data to support patient outcomes

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A Newcastle BRC-funded project has demonstrated the value of high-quality datasets linking patient data.


Brain diseases such as dementia affect many older people. These can be challenging for doctors to…

How blood and immune systems form in developing bone marrow

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Researchers have found that in the space of just a few weeks, numerous blood and immune cell types emerge from developing bone marrow, including key white blood cells that…

Newcastle is top of the list for research into dementia with Lewy bodies

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According to a recently published Expertscape list, Newcastle University has ranked number one in terms of expertise in dementia with Lewy bodies.

The Expertscape list highlights the number of…

Reimagining the relationship between universities and the NHS: Dame Jackie Daniel

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In a recent blog published on the NHS Confederation website, Dame Jackie Daniel writes on changing the way universities and the NHS work as anchor institutions to be even…

Key milestone: first UK patient enrolled in DMD gene therapy trial at DMD Hub site

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Pfizer has announced that the first UK-based DMD patient has been enrolled in a gene therapy trial at Newcastle Hospitals, a DMD Hub site.

Pfizer have announced the enrolment of…

Differing immune responses discovered in asymptomatic cases versus those with severe covid-19

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The largest study of its type in the UK has identified differences in the immune response to COVID-19, between people with no symptoms, compared to those suffering a more…

SARC-NET: Paving the way for public participation in sarcopenia research

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In a project funded by the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), researchers have facilitated patient participation in sarcopenia research through a brand-new dedicated registry.


The NIHR Newcastle BRC is…

Developmental origins of eczema and psoriasis discovered

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Scientists have created a highly detailed map of skin, which reveals that cellular processes from development are re-activated in cells from patients with inflammatory skin disease.

The researchers from the…

Experts in Newcastle collaborate on COVID-19 research, examining the immune system in detail

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In a recent pre-print paper, experts in Newcastle share research findings on a detailed examination of the immune system during COVID-19.

In collaboration with Cambridge University, Wellcome Sanger Institute, European…