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Meet the researcher

Meet the Researcher: Dr Ken Baker

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Dr Ken Baker is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Rheumatology at Newcastle University. He also has clinical responsibilities at Newcastle Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where he sees patients as…

Meet the researcher: Dr Alison Yarnall

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In our sixth ‘Meet the researcher’ post, we meet Dr Alison Yarnall, one of our NIHR Newcastle BRC-funded researchers. She recently…

Meet the researcher: Professor Fai Ng

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In our fifth ‘Meet the researcher’ post, we talk to Wan-Fai Ng, Professor Professor of Rheumatology at Newcastle University and Consultant Rheumatology at the Freeman Hospital, part of

Meet the researcher: Professor Muzlifah Haniffa

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In our fourth ‘Meet the researcher’ post, we talk to Muzlifah Haniffa, Professor Professor of Dermatology and Immunology at Newcastle…

Meet the researcher: Professor Volker Straub

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In our third ‘Meet the researcher’ post, we talk to Professor Volker Straub, Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics at Newcastle…

Meet the researcher: Professor Miles Witham

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Meet the researcher: Professor John-Paul Taylor

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In the first of a new series introducing some of our Newcastle BRC academic and clinical researchers we talk to…