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Research Output

Diagnosing and managing prodromal Lewy body dementia

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Before getting dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease people go through a pre-dementia or prodromal phase. It is not clear whether this also happens in people with dementia with Lewy…

Immune cell characteristics mapped across multiple tissues

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Experts have shed new light on the types and traits of immune cells that can be found in the human body, from early life to adulthood.

Previously underexplored immune cell…

Type 2 diabetes remission is possible for people with lower BMIs

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A new ‘game-changing’ study by Professor Roy Taylor and his team shows remission from type 2 diabetes is possible for…

Transforming the definition and diagnosis of sarcopenia

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Sarcopenia is a condition where muscle strength and size fall below critical thresholds as a person ages.

This can lead to a range of major adverse health outcomes including impaired…

Resistance exercise as a treatment for sarcopenia: prescription and delivery

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A new publication published in Age and Ageing provides guidance for prescribing and delivering exercise to older people living with sarcopenia.

Resistance exercise is a first-line treatment for sarcopenia, yet…