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Stratified medicine in Primary Biliary Cholangitis

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Liver disease research in Newcastle has identified areas of unmet need in PBC; in particular, sub-optimal response to established therapies.

Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) is a chronic liver disease affecting…

Towards a better diagnosis: Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Parkinson’s disease dementia

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Researchers at NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre were responsible for the differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

Newcastle is recognised for excellence and critical mass in dementia research, particularly in dementia with…

Interventions for better muscle ageing

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Can a milk and resistance exercise intervention improve muscle function in older adults at risk of sarcopenia?

Supported by the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre, the MIlk Intervention Muscle AgeiNg…

Functional and single-cell genomic characterisation of atopic dermatitis endotypes

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Principal Investigators: Professor Muzlifah Haniffa and Professor Nick J Reynolds

We are combining pioneering single cell sequencing technology with our clinical expertise and well characterised cohorts of atopic dermatitis (eczema)…

Identifying changes in proteome of single cells using imaging mass spectrometry

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Principal Investigator: Professor Doug Turnbull

This project aims to develop a new technique enabling the analysis of expression of multiple proteins in single cells in situ.

The Study

The main aim of…

Developing objective assessment tools for measuring fatigue in clinical studies

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Principal Investigator: Professor Wan-Fai Ng


The ultimate aim of the study is to identify candidate biobehavioural parameters that can…

Chronic Cognitive Impairment in Cholestatic Liver Disease: Impact, Pathogenesis, Treatment and Relevance to Dementia

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Principal Investigator: Professor David Jones

To develop the essential tools to allow us to explore the utility of early OCA as a transformative treatment for cholestatic cognitive impairment.

The Study

People normally…

Health Data Platform

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Principal Investigator: Dr Will Innes

This proof of principle project will apply advanced Machine Learning computer algorithms to obtain deeper insights from the data already collected and to realise the…

Cholinergic ResponsE in Early lewy body Disease: The CREED study

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Principal Investigator: Professor John-Paul Taylor

Developing new ways to understand how people with Lewy body dementia (LBD) might respond best to an existing treatment and to help with the…

TASKMASTER: TArgeting the SKeletal Muscle pump to Aid Standing in Elders with postuRal hypotension

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Principal Investigator: Dr James Frith

This study aims to develop an efficacious and acceptable new therapy; ultimately aiming to improve the quality of life of older people with Orthostatic Hypotension…

MASS (Muscle Ageing and Sarcopenia Studies)

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Principal Investigator: Professor Avan Sayer

Two pilot studies (MASS-PD, recruiting patients with Parkinsons disease, and MASS pilot, a pilot study for the main MASS lifecourse study) have completed successfully. The…

MIlkMAN: MIlk Intervention Muscle Ageing

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Principal Investigator: Dr Antoneta Granic

The Milk in Muscle AgeiNg study has now completed. This pilot RCT recruited 30 older people with functional impairment, successfully delivered a 12 week programme…