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Skin and Oral Disease

Meet the researcher: Professor Muzlifah Haniffa

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In our fourth ‘Meet the researcher’ post, we talk to Muzlifah Haniffa, Professor Professor of Dermatology and Immunology at Newcastle University, a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in…

Developmental origins of eczema and psoriasis discovered

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Scientists have created a highly detailed map of skin, which reveals that cellular processes from development are re-activated in cells from patients with inflammatory skin disease.

The researchers from the…

Experts in Newcastle collaborate on COVID-19 research, examining the immune system in detail

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In a recent pre-print paper, experts in Newcastle share research findings on a detailed examination of the immune system during COVID-19.

In collaboration with Cambridge University, Wellcome Sanger Institute, European…

Project call for research in skin and oral disease

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The Skin and Oral Disease theme with the NIHR Newcastle BRC are seeking applications for projects

Deadline: 4th January 2021

The NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre is able to offer some…

BRC theme lead takes part in Human Cell Atlas COVID symposium

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Professor Muzlifah Haniffa, lead for the Skin and Oral Disease theme with the NIHR Newcastle BRC, is part of a global, virtual symposium on the Human Cell Atlas and…

Linking skin ageing research with industry: a trainee’s story

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Our NIHR Newcastle BRC trainees are offered a range of career development opportunities to enhance their prospects beyond their PhD study with us. Roisin Stout, a trainee working…

Human Cell Atlas: ArtSci Salon I

The Human Cell Atlas: ArtSci Salon series of conversations and provocations, aim to explore ways to improve the value and trust people place in pioneering scientific research by fostering…

Leading scientist elected to prestigious Academy

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The Academy of Medical Sciences has elected prominent Newcastle Professor, Muzlifah Haniffa to their Fellowship.

Fellows to the Academy are chosen for their exceptional contributions to advancing biomedical science via…

STOP-TRANSIT study: Peri-procedural targets in toothache to stop transition to phantom neuropathic tooth pain

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Jamie Coulter

This research aims to allow the development of new therapeutics for orofacial pain patients.

The Study

Toothache is common, affecting up to 1 in 10 people in the UK and…

Interrogating mitochondrial dysfunction in human facial appearance and ageing

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Roisin Stout

The main objective of this project is to investigate the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in ageing- specifically in relation to the skin.

The Study

Mitochondria are the batteries of the…

Innovative data mining using deep learning advanced photoplethysmography pulse wave analysis for the assessment of endothelial dysfunction in systemic sclerosis and related cardiovascular conditions.

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Sadaf Iqbal

This project focuses on exploring the potential of simple, low-cost and portable Photoplethysmography (PPG) signals in the diagnosis of Systemic Sclerosis. It aims to use signal processing knowledge…

An investigation of the credentials of a novel lysine deacetylase as an age-related biomarker for periodontitis

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Christopher Dowson 

The aim of the project is to investigate the role of SIRT2 in periodontitis in cell culture models in vitro and as a diagnostic measure in vivo.

The Study