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Skin and Oral Disease

Policy proposals to promote inclusion in academia through the lens of women in science

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New article suggests actionable insights for funders and employers to promote inclusion within research.

Co-authored by women in leading academic roles, the article reflects on individual experiences. sharing initiatives to…

Dr Shoba Amarnath receives prestigious award

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Dr Shoba Amarnath, has received the prestigious Lister Institute Research Prize Fellowship in recognition of her excellence as an early-career…

Immune cell characteristics mapped across multiple tissues

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Experts have shed new light on the types and traits of immune cells that can be found in the human body, from early life to adulthood.

Previously underexplored immune cell…

Q&A with Dr Nusayhah Hudaa Gopee

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Dr Hudaa Gopee has recently been awarded an MRC Training Fellowship. We spoke to her to find out more about…

Comparative analysis of microsatellite instability and somatic mismatch repair gene status in Lynch related skin and upper gastrointestinal cancers

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Principal Investigator: Dr Neil Rajan

Lynch syndrome (LS) is a genetic cancer predisposition syndrome, characterised by an increased risk of developing a wide variety of tumours, most notably bowel, womb,…

Exploring conserved gene expression programmes across tissues in ageing

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Principal Investigator: Dr Gary Reynolds

There have been dramatic increases in life expectancy in the UK and these changes are predicted to continue with around 8.6 million people in 50…

Living with rare disease

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28 February is Rare Disease Day, which raises awareness for the 300 million people across the world living with a…

Translational advances in CYLD cutaneous syndrome (CCS)

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Novel clinical trial and associated experimental study demonstrate feasibility in the topical treatment of CCS.

Patients with the inherited condition (CYLD cutaneous syndrome – CCS) develop multiple, painful, hair follicle…

Learning more about ‘giant cell arteritis’: a trainee’s story

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Daniel Maunder studied for his PhD with the NIHR Newcastle BRC. He worked alongside Skin and Oral Disease theme lead, Professor Muzlifah Haniffa….

How blood and immune systems form in developing bone marrow

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Researchers have found that in the space of just a few weeks, numerous blood and immune cell types emerge from developing bone marrow, including key white blood cells that…

Development study reveals origins of inflammatory bowel disease

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A development study, led by one of Newcastle BRC’s theme leads, has produced publications outlining the origins of several diseases.

The papers, published in Nature, are the work of the…

Combining research and clinical care in dermatology: a trainee’s story

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Dr Siobhan Muthiah is a Consultant with Newcastle Hospitals, who took part in a research project funded by the NIHR Newcastle BRC. She tells us how this has shaped…