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Trainee’s Story

Understanding accelerated ageing for people living with HIV: a trainee’s story

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The NIHR Newcastle BRC is committed to advancing the scientific knowledge on the most common age-related diseases and long-term conditions, in order to…

Understanding the links between ageing and immune responses: a trainee’s story

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Wezi Sendama is one of our clinical trainees, whose work focusses on the effect of ageing on…

Increasing our understanding of Lewy body dementia: a trainee’s story

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The NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) has been instrumental in…

Changing healthcare through patient-led research: a trainee’s story

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A recent study conducted by Newcastle BRC’s Liver Disease theme PhD student, Jadine Scragg, and supervised by NIHR Clinical…

Linking skin ageing research with industry: a trainee’s story

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Our NIHR Newcastle BRC trainees are offered a range of career development opportunities to enhance their prospects beyond their PhD study with us. Roisin Stout, a trainee working…