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NIHR in North East and North Cumbria

The North East and North Cumbria is home to wide range of NIHR funded centres, units, and facilities. They come together through the BRC-led North East North Cumbria (NENC) NIHR Infrastructure Group.

The group helps to deliver greater impact and facilitate the translation of research to healthcare settings. It includes:

  • NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR)
  • NIHR Innovation Observatory (NIHRIO)
  • NIHR Policy Research Unit (PRU) in Behavioural Science
  • NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) North East & North Cumbria
  • Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit
  • NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) North East & North Cumbria
  • NIHR ARC consortia: Prevention with behavioural risk factors and Health and Care Inequalities
  • NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) National Cluster
  • NIHR Public Health Intervention Responsive Studies Team (PHIRST)
  • NIHR In-Vitro Diagnostics Cooperative (MIC), Newcastle
  • NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) North East & North Cumbria
  • NIHR Patient Recruitment Centre, Newcastle
  • NIHR Clinical Research Facility (CRF), Newcastle
  • NIHR BioResource Centre Newcastle

Our Newcastle BRC experimental and translation research has particular links with the following groups:

NIHR Newcastle Clinical Research Facility (CRF)

BRC studies exploit NIHR Newcastle Clinical Research Facility (CRF) facilities, including the Newcastle Clinical Ageing Research Unit (CARU). CARU is a bespoke facility for clinical ageing research studies, located on the same site as the BRC.

Led by Newcastle BRC’s Musculoskeletal Deputy Theme Lead Professor Fai Ng, the NIHR funded CRF is a partnership between Newcastle University and the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, based at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. The Newcastle CRF supports highly trained staff who can set up, negotiate and deliver all phases of clinical trials, in accordance with Good Clinical Practice Standards.

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NIHR Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (Newcastle MIC)

The NIHR Newcastle MIC is a partnership between Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University and is one of 11 England. The Newcastle MIC takes diagnostic medical tests through rigorous clinical and economic evaluation to assess their suitability for the market.

The NIHR Newcastle MIC is aligned with the BRC through common themes and theme leads (Ageing and Long-Term Conditions Theme, led by Professor Miles Witham, and Personalised and Stratified Medicine Theme, led by Professor Nick Reynolds). This connection enables the pull-through of BRC diagnostic innovation into development and evaluation.

The NIHR Newcastle MIC work with technology developers in academia and industry to deliver high quality scientific evidence on their in vitro diagnostic tests and medical devices. Their work is focused on the analysis of the care pathway (the journey of a patient with a specific condition in the healthcare system), economic modelling and clinical evaluations. It increases the chances that the test is fit for purpose and, thus, adopted into the NHS. The NIHR Newcastle MIC have a particular focus on tests where there are currently unmet clinical needs, and these include: ageing and long-term conditions; infectious diseases and stratified (personalised) medicine.

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NIHR BioResource Centre Newcastle

NIHR BioResource Centre Newcastle contributes to a national initiative of 13 BioResource centres – with more than 100,000 volunteers – across the UK, designed to fight against both common conditions and rare diseases that are affecting people throughout England.

The NIHR BioResource was established to further clinical research within the UK by assisting researchers with volunteer recruitment specifically by genotype and/or phenotype. Researchers can apply to the NIHR BioResource if they are interested in recalling volunteers from the panel.

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