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Patients, carers & the public

Health is something that is relevant to everyone, no matter who they are. So at the NIHR Newcastle BRC we want to make sure that patients and the public are involved in all the research we do so that is responsive to their needs and makes a difference.

Patients and the public bring a wealth of experience and provide valuable perspectives on the way that research is designed and delivered.

We are committed to involving and engaging everyone through a variety of activities that not only help us decide on how research should be carried out, but also feedback on the results and impact of the research.

Below, in a film created by our partners, VOICE, David talks about how important this has been for him as a member of the public and a carer.

Without volunteers giving up their time, it would not be possible for our researchers to find ways to improve healthcare.

Follow one of the links below to find out how you can get involved as a patient, member of the public or carer, or how you can engage the public in your own research.