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Over the next 20 years, the number of people who are aged over 65 and living with four or more diseases will double and around one third of this group will also have mental ill-health (dementia, depression or cognitive impairment).

The NIHR Newcastle BRC aims to help address this challenge, by supporting research that is based on accelerating the conversion of lab-based activity into ageing and long-term conditions, into practical and meaningful benefits for patients, the public and the health and care system.

Our BRC harnesses experimental medicine expertise in dementia, liver disease, musculoskeletal disease, neuromuscular disease, and skin and oral disease, in order to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ageing syndromes such as sarcopenia, frailty and multimorbidity.

Ageing Syndromes

This cross-cutting theme draws on experimental medicine expertise in our other five research themes to help us to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ageing syndromes.


We improve the lives of people living with dementia by understanding more about the causes, treatments and potential cures, with a particular focus on Dementia with Lewy Bodies.

Liver Disease

We approach liver disease research as an independent discipline to enhance our understanding of causes, therapies and potential cures, but we also examine how it co-exists with other chronic conditions.

Musculoskeletal Disease

We are committed to improving the treatments and outcomes for patients with musculoskeletal disease via a combination of scientific translational and clinical research.

Neuromuscular Disease

We apply our well-established methods in the areas of neuromuscular and mitochondrial research to explore the mechanisms underlying the cause of sarcopenia in older people.

Skin & Oral Disease

We are focused on research in to inflammatory, long-term skin and oral conditions, with a view to understanding the progress of these diseases and to generate new diagnostics and therapeutics.


Multimorbidity is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the UK healthcare system and patients.

Capacity building

We are committed to training the next generation of researchers and clinicians specialising in the care of older people.

Research infrastructure

We offer a broad range of facilities for experimental medicine research across all of our themes.