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Our Research

We focus on eight areas of research expertise where we can offer significant impact to drive forward health improvements in ageing and multiple long-term conditions.

Themes have been chosen for the breadth and depth of world-class experimental medicine. Our internationally-renowned researchers work collaboratively across the themes to share understanding which will maximise the value and impact of our research.

Ageing, Sarcopenia and Multimorbidity

We translate understanding of fundamental ageing processes into advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common ageing syndromes and multiple long-term conditions.

Dementia, Mental Health and Neurodegeneration

We're building on world-class Lewy Body Dementia research and leveraging excellence in translational mental health research.

Digital Health, Ageing Innovation and Inclusion

We are addressing the complexities of enabling people with multiple long-term conditions to age well through digital health technologies.

Informatics and Precision Care for an Ageing Population

Precision care is a new way of finding out which individual patients are most likely to benefit from treatments, and which are least likely to have side-effects.

Liver Disease, Multimorbidity and Lifestyle

We address the common age-related, long-term conditions that encompass chronic liver disease and its associated multi-morbidities.

Musculoskeletal Disease and Inflammation Medicine

We target musculoskeletal disease as a major impediment to healthy ageing, a leading cause of health-related disability and a common comorbidity amongst multiple long-term conditions.

Neuromuscular and Rare Disease, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

We develop and evaluate novel approaches to diagnosing, monitoring and treating neuromuscular disease, mitochondrial dysfunction and a broader spectrum of rare diseases.

Skin Disease, Oral Disease and Immunogenomics

We develop innovative, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions based on understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms underpinning skin and oral diseases.

Research infrastructure

We offer a broad range of facilities for experimental medicine research across all of our themes.