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Ageing Syndromes

The UK has seen dramatic gains in life expectancy, with the number of people aged 85 or above predicted to increase from 1.7 to 3.7 million over the next 20 years. This success presents many opportunities and also challenges at the individual and societal level as the number of people living with ageing syndromes is set to expand rapidly.

This cross-cutting theme draws on experimental medicine expertise in our other five research themes, as well as building on Newcastle’s international reputation for basic science, epidemiological and clinical ageing research, to help us to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ageing syndromes.

The theme is led by the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre Director, Professor Avan Sayer, who has international recognition for her research on the role of skeletal muscle in ageing, health and disease. Her leadership has allowed the delivery of a step change in our capacity to translate the understanding of biological ageing into advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sarcopenia, frailty and multimorbidity.


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Professor Avan Sayer

Director and Ageing Syndromes Theme Lead

Professor Miles Witham

Ageing Syndromes Deputy Theme Lead and National Ageing Speciality Lead, CRN

Dr Antoneta Granic

Principal Investigator

Dr Richard Dodds

Principal Investigator

Matthew Birkbeck

Trainee (Clinical Scientist)

Nana-Jane Chipampe

Trainee (Biomedical Scientist)

Jamie Coulter

Trainee (Doctor/Dentist)

Leena Habiballa

Trainee (Biomedical Researcher)

Samantha Waite

Trainee (Biomedical Researcher)

Siobhan Muthiah

Trainee (Doctor/Dentist)

Stuart Maitland

Trainee (Doctor/Dentist)

Thomas Creasey

Trainee (Doctor/Dentist)

Wezi Sendama

Trainee (Doctor/Dentist)

Ageing Syndromes Projects